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Can you explain the STP?


Helping the public understand future plans for the NHS is often complicated by acronyms and jargon that are difficult to translate into plain English.  Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire (HWERY), the independent watchdog for health and social care services in the East Riding, has come up with an innovative solution and asked East Riding College students to take part in a filmed conversation with Linsay Cunningham, Strategic Lead for Communications and Engagement of the Humber Coast & Vale STP about the Sustainability Transformation Partnership (STP).  

The STP is the national guide that explains what the NHS will look like in years to come, which is why it was particularly important for the Humber Coast & Vale STP to speak to young people about the plans.  The students asked to explain what the STP is and how the plans will affect the local area. This is designed to give an easy to understand, jargon free explanation to the public what the future of the NHS will look like. 

Healthwatch are going to produce more videos in the future with commissioners and providers to explain what the services are, future plans and how they will impact on the public.


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