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East Riding of Yorkshire Social Prescribing Service


What is it?

Social Prescribing is a service commissioned by ERYC Public Health team and delivered by NHS Humber Foundation Trust, HEY MIND, ERYC Sports Play and Arts working closely with the ERYCs VCS Provider HEY Smile Foundation. It covers the whole of the East Riding of Yorkshire with Link Worker based in GP practices.

The service focuses on local adults’ health and wellbeing seeking to support people with tackling the causes of poor Health & Wellbeing. Additionally, it supports communities to contribute to discussions to in supporting the development of local solutions to community issues and o improving the wider determinants of health.

GPs can only provide approximately 10 minutes for each appointment due to patient numbers, Social Prescribing Link Workers spend time with the patient to get to the cause of the problems and work with the patient to identify solution then coproduce an action plan to improve the client’s situation. Working seamlessly with the Connectors, they support people to better self-manage their health and wellbeing by utilising local community groups or other commissioned solutions.

What can the Social Prescribing Service do for me?

Throughout their lives people are affected by a wide range of issues that can adversely affect their Health and Wellbeing, stress, bereavement, long term conditions, isolation and loneliness etc. whilst patients may benefit from a limited or short term medical treatment, in many cases there are far better and longer term solutions that provide benefits without the prolonged use of prescription medicines. Social Prescribing supports the patient to prevent the issues from getting worse and improve the patients general Health and Wellbeing.

Social Prescribing can also connect people with appropriate local Voluntary and Community groups to improve their knowledge and helping them better self-manage long term or complex conditions which helps to reduce or delay there escalation and the patients inconvenience of repeated hospital admissions and appointments.

There are many community and voluntary organisations offering activities around exercise, craft activities, focus groups and music, and also many smaller organisations who can help people through mental health challenges. Contact your Link worker at your Local Practice to discuss options.

Want to know more?

Click on the web link below to see the video and what Social Prescribing can do for you.

Social Prescribing in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Do you know of a group or organisation in your community who offer support and help to vulnerable people? If you do tell us about them and the great work they do by emailing their details to: brian.pickles@eastriding.gov.uk


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