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Your spotlight on local services

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Healthwatch Free Workshops for Schools and Colleges


Image of previous workshop

Are you a teacher or work within an educational setting? Would you like us to come and run any of our FREE workshops to students? The workshops cover different subjects and can be adapted for different age groups.

'Let’s talk about sex’ covers the common fallout's when young people are becoming sexually active. Self-image, consent, sexting, control/abuse in relationships and pornography are the areas covered in this workshop. The students will look at the topics listed, the laws around each subject and potential consequences.

'Mental Health’ workshop looks to raise awareness of how our mental health changes daily, why our mental health is important, what impacts on our mental health positively and negatively and individual coping methods.

‘Introduction to Healthwatch’ informs the young people about our service, how we work and how they can use us. It explores their thoughts about their experiences of using local health services and what is good and bad about them.

All of the above workshops are delivered in a fun yet informative way and encourage the learners to give feedback on health services they use so we can inform local decision makers and influence future service change.
If you would like more information on the above please get in touch. 

Email: cmills@healthwatcheastridingofyorkshire.co.uk

Phone: 01482 665684

‘The workshops delivered by Healthwatch provide a springboard for discussion and raise awareness regarding tricky subjects such as sexual consent and healthy relationships. During the workshops I noticed a range of students effectively talking and thinking about what would normally be a ‘taboo’ subject. The delivery by HWERY is engaging and fun whilst being very informative and provided learners with up to date knowledge and legal information regarding relationships and consent. The sessions are broken up into a range of differentiated learning methods including group discussions, a quiz and a group drawing - this brought interest and engaged the learners really well. The Healthwatch sessions have been booked up over the year which shows the huge interest and popularity across the curriculum with a range of Tutors and Learners keen to hear the Let’s Talk About Sex sessions.’

Supplied by Kay Brady, Enrichment Officer – East Riding College.



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