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Healthwatch Highlights Good Practice in Residential Care


Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire (HWERY), the independent watchdog for health and social care services in the East Riding, has conducted research into Residential Care Homes in the East Riding. From this research HWERY has been able to identify some best practice that is being carried out.

During Enter & View Visits HWERY have seen positive examples of good practice in Care Homes under the following headings

  • Arrival and change 
  • What matters to me? 
  • Community engagement 
  • Collective living
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Leading from the front

By sharing the good practice that HWERY found across the East Riding it is hoped that this can have a positive influence on driving up the standard of care in the region.

Healthwatch will share a copy of the Good Practice Guide with all care homes in the East Riding of Yorkshire and invite them to share best practice with other Residential Care homes that can disseminate this information accordingly.

Delivery Manager at HWERY, Matthew Fawcett, said:
“This is a great chance for East Riding residents to take a look at some of the good practice that is happening in Residential Care.”
“We would really like to encourage people to share the best practice shown in the report. The public often only hear about the negative stories that happen in Residential Care and we wanted to highlight some of the good work that goes on.

East Riding Council is committed to using the information that we find to improve residential care services in the region.


Download the Good Practice Guide


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