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No More Drops from the docs


East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group launched a campaign earlier this month encouraging you to buy medicines for minor health concerns from a pharmacy or supermarket.

Each year your local NHS spends thousands on free prescriptions for medicines for minor health concerns such as hay fever. We believe this money could be better spent on essential healthcare services that treat more serious conditions.

A minor health concern is a condition you can treat yourself with items you can quickly and easily buy from your local pharmacy or supermarket, such as hay fever, aches and pains, indigestion or coughs and colds.

Therefore, your GP won’t usually prescribe medicines for minor health concerns that you can buy without difficulty from your local pharmacy or supermarket. We understand that sometimes you may need advice for a minor health concern, don’t forget your local pharmacist is a trained healthcare professional who can give you the clinical guidance and support you need.

Visit East Riding of Yorkshire CCG’s website for more information and a list of the 33 items no longer routinely available on prescription.



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