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East Ridings Young People’s Health & Social Care Priorities

Posted on 12/01/2018

Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire (HWERY) conducted research with children and young people from July 2017 through to September 2017 to find out which health and social care priorities are important in their lives.

The priorities covered a range of areas between physical and mental health. They were from national and local trends and areas highlighted from HWERY’s previous engagement and outreach with young people. The results will enable HWERY to have a clear understanding of what is important to children and young people across the East Riding to stay healthy.

The 10 areas chosen were:
  Mental Health
  Able to see a GP
  Drinking Water
  Being Happy
  Time with family and friends
  Healthy Teeth
  Leisure Time

The results from the report will help influence the work plan for HWERY for the next year.
HWERY is the voice of the public and as such need to consider public opinions when deciding on future areas of work and/or investigation.
The key findings from the report are:

  Mental health was identified as the highest priority overall
  Emotional health and wellbeing areas had over half of all votes
  Healthy teeth were seen as the least important area over all 3 age groups

Matthew Fawcett, Delivery Manager of Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire said “This piece of work is crucial as it is important that Healthwatch understand the needs of young people across the region. These priorities will help shape the work we look at in the coming year and highlight key themes for local services.”

The full report can be found below

Download the Children and young peoples’ priorities 2018.

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