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Health & Wellbeing Priorities Report

Posted on 16/05/2017

Stress among main priorities for East Riding residents

Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire (HWERY) have produced a report which highlights stress levels at work or in education to be the main health & social care  priority for residents of the East Riding.

As part of the consultation HWERY spoke with 1156 people across the East Riding. The residents we spoke to had to place one token into one of ten jars all of which represented different subjects. From this consultation HWERY identified the key priorities of not only the overall population but 5 different age groups. These age groups included:
• Under 16s
• 16 – 25
• 26 – 45
• 46 – 65
• Over 65s

The report provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the priorities and the priorities according to age demographic.

“This piece of work is about highlighting the needs of the public. Not only is it important that we demonstrate the priorities of the wider East Riding community, but breaking down the priorities by age group is equally important because health and social care needs differ as people transition through life. The hope is this report will allow us to inform the professional stakeholders we work with about the needs of the East Riding community” Delivery Manager, Matthew Fawcett

The priorities report will help shape the work HWERY do over the next twelve months by taking into account the themes from this piece of work.

The full report can be downloaded below

Download the Priorities Report

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