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Silent Partners - Working Age Male Mental Health Report

Posted on 23/10/2017

This report examines working age male’s views of local health and social care services and their access to them. The investigation examines what the working age male demographic think about local services, the stigma surrounding mental health and how locally things could be improved. The survey also asked what particular difficulties there are in accessing health and social care services.


The methodology used to collect the data was by;

  • Surveys
  • Face to face interviews
  • Meetings with local providers
  • Local organisations sharing the survey with their employees 
  • Production of a leaflet centred on men’s health with a link to our survey attached.


Perception around the lack of flexibility of health and social care appointments for working age males was a repeated statement. Participants want more flexibility to tie in with their working week. Respondents were generally confident about accessing information and Health and Social Care services.

The stigma of men’s mental health issues was highlighted frequently throughout the research and it is seen as a sign of weakness for men to discuss it. HWERY (Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire) gave an opportunity for respondents to tell us of any other issues affecting the wellbeing of men in the East Riding. Some responses were critical of mental health services and access to them. The comments show an awareness of mental health issues and how it affects individuals. The comments interestingly highlight individual problems such as the stress, lack of support from the workplace and lack of service clarity.

Download Silent Partners - Working age males report

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