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Winter Wishes Report

Posted on 27/01/2017

In December 2016, Healthwatch were invited to participate in the Beverley Christmas Festival. One of the attractions for the festival was a Christmas tree display that would take place in Beverley Minster.
Participants were encouraged to think of unique ways to decorate their trees for the public to see over the weekend. Healthwatch decided to make the tree interactive and decorate it with blank pieces of paper and pens.

The public who passed the tree over the next few days were asked to write down their Christmas Wish for the NHS and hang it back on the tree.

Wishes came from people of all ages, genders and backgrounds and covered a wide range of issues and topics.

The key themes were:

  • For the NHS to prosper and remain free at the point of use (15%)
  • Positive messages and support for frontline staff (23%)
  • More funding (16%)
  • Innovate and join up services (6%)
  • Don’t privatise (4%)
  • Responsible use of services (2%)
  • Improve access to services; keep services open (12%)
  • Cure disease and/or that people will get better (15%)
  • General well wishes (7%)

Download the Winter Wishes Report

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