Enter and View Ambassador

Enter and View Ambassador.


Purpose of the Role.

Healthwatch aims to improve local Health and Social Care services,by ensuring providers are offered an independent laypersons perspective,into the delivery of their service.

Enter and View Ambassadors enter Health and Social Care premises,either through invitation of the provider, because of themed work Healthwatch is conducting,or due to the experiences provided to us by service users.


An Enter and View is not an inspection, it is an opportunity for Healthwatch as an independent organisation,to view the delivery of the service first-hand,and to engage with service users, family of and – or carers,at the point of delivery so we can understand the full picture.


Enter and View Ambassadors collect information,about the nature and quality of services, the good practices and potential areas of improvement. This information is collated into a report,along with any reasonable and achievable recommendations,which is then sent to the provider, governing bodies such as Local Authority,and Care Quality Commission as well as Healthwatch England.


Key Tasks.

  • Participate in pre-visit planning meetings.
  • Speak with service users, relatives, carers and staff about their experience of the service.
  • Observe the physical environment of the communal areas, noting areas of concern or good practice.
  • Observe the delivery of service within communal areas,for example, activities, mealtime and interaction between staff and service users.
  • Make notes during the visit,to contribute towards the Enter and View visit report.
  • Suggest recommendations that could improve the experience of service users.
  • Conduct surveys and questionnaires,about people’s experiences of Health and Social Care.
  • Assist in promoting Healthwatch,by taking part in volunteer fayres and other events as needed.
  • Undertake training appropriate to the role.

Personal Attributes.

You do not need any specific experience or knowledge to volunteer with Healthwatch. Instead we ask that our volunteers can demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Good interpersonal skills, demonstrating active listening and an open minded, non-judgemental attitude.
  • Be approachable and confident when engaging with individuals,from a range of backgrounds,and have a commitment to promoting Equality and Diversity.
  • Be respectful, compassionate and supportive of and towards others.
  • Be proactive in protecting personal data,and maintaining confidentiality.
  • Have an interest in Health and Social Care,and be passionate about making a difference to the lives of others.
  • Able to work as part of a team and on own initiative.
  • Good written communication skills,including the ability to take notes and write up conversations.



Volunteering opportunities with Healthwatch, for the most part, will be provided Monday to Friday within office hours. There may be occasions however,where volunteering opportunities are offered outside of these times.


There is no time commitment when volunteering with Healthwatch. You are able to choose as and when you volunteer,however for the role of an Enter and View Ambassador,we would recommend you have one full day available,whenever you choose to volunteer. This is due the intricate nature of the role,as an Enter and View can take anywhere between two to four hours,depending on the size of the premises,this is without travelling time.




There is no set location for this role, an Enter and View can take place across Health and Social Care Services across the area,however you will be informed when,and where they are taking place and,can choose which events you want to be involved with.


Disclosure and Barring Service


You will be required,to undergo an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check for this role. This will be at no cost to you. Having a criminal conviction does not preclude you from volunteering, and each case will be dealt with on an individual basis.


What will you get in return for volunteering with Healthwatch East Riding?

  • Induction training and training specific to your role.
  • Opportunities to access additional training and personal development.
  • The chance to develop new skills,and knowledge to assist with career goals, education and training.
  • Support and supervision from the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred during the course of your volunteering role.
  • The opportunity to be part of a team and to meet new people.
  • The chance to have an input into the delivery,of local Health and Social Care services,and make a real difference to the lives of local people

Please click here to download an application form. Alternatively, you can complete an online volunteering application form here


If you have any further queries,or need any assistance in completing an application form, please contact Caroline Frost by email: cfrost@healthwatcheastridingofyorkshire.co.uk