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Our Reports

At Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire, our mission is to listen to our local communities and use their views to challenge providers and commissioners of care to bring about improved services.

This page is dedicated to showing how Healthwatch is making a real difference to peoples’ experiences of health and care services in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Intelligence Reports

Healthwatch Intelligence Reports are produced monthly based on the information and experiences we have collected. This information is anonymised and presented to service providers and commissioners so they can understand how their service is received by their patients.

Quarterly Reports

Healthwatch Quarterly Reports are produced to demonstrate the impact Healthwatch makes and our efforts to reach and improve local communities.

Quarterly Reports

Annual Reports

Healthwatch Annual Reports are produced at the end of June each year and details our key findings and projects throughout the last financial year.

Enter and View Reports

Under the Healthwatch regulations, local Healthwatch organisations have the power to ‘Enter and View’ providers so that we can observe how services are being delivered. The purpose of the visits are to identify good practice that can be celebrated and shared with others, and to identify any issues raised by service users.

Below are the reports of the Enter and View Visits Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire has made.

To find out more about the Enter and View on our Enter and View page.

Getting to Good Reports