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Have your say on how care at home is delivered in the East Riding

Healthwatch is supporting East Riding of Yorkshire council to understand how they provide home care services in the East Riding, and how they can make them better in the future.

At some point in our lives, many of us need help to look after ourselves. This might be because of illness, accident, disability, or getting older and frailer. One choice people have to help them to stay living in their own homes is to use a home care agency (also known as a domiciliary care agency). Home care agencies can support with any personal care needs and provide other support which helps people stay at home and independent.

Some people choose to find their own home care, and work directly with a home care agency (provider) to agree what help they need. Other people may have a package of care commissioned through the Council. ERYC have been looking at what kind of services they should be commissioning to meet people’s needs in our local community. ERYC have also been thinking about how commissioned care can work alongside more informal kinds of support. Such as friends, family, neighbours, and social activities, which can play a part in helping people to feel able to stay living at home.

If you would like share your opinions of how East Riding of Yorkshire Council could improve home care services, complete the form below: