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National Safeguarding Adults Week 18th - 24th November


Keeping adults safe from harm

 Safeguarding is everyone’s business

Would you be able to identify modern slavery if you saw it? Or see if someone was a victim of financial abuse? What signs would you look for?

Every adult has a right to live safely, free from abuse, harm or neglect, and the East Riding Safeguarding Adults Board (ERSAB) is a multi-agency partnership including representatives from the Local Authority, the NHS, the Police and other agencies.  The ERSAB is responsible for ensuring the protection and safety of the most vulnerable adults in the East Riding, developing preventative measures to stop the abuse and harm occurring in the first place.

Adult abuse can happen to anyone aged 18 or over who:-

  • has a care and support need
  • is experiencing or is at risk of experiencing abuse or neglect
  • is unable to protect themselves from abuse or neglect

There are a number of types of abuse and neglect that individuals may experience.

  • Physical abuse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Modern slavery
  • Discriminatory abuse
  • Organisational abuse
  • Neglect
  • Self-neglect.

Abuse is often marked by a change in behaviour, and depending on the type of abuse an individual may have experienced they may be withdrawn; experience increased anxiety and fear; have less money; have unexplained bruising or display other signs. Things you may not expect may also constitute abuse, for example – cyber bullying, fraud, internet scamming, forced labour and extreme lack of self-care.

For the 2019 National Safeguarding Adults Week, we’re collaborating with the Ann Craft Trust and Partners from across the East Riding and Hull Safeguarding Adults Board to create a time where we can all focus on safeguarding adults; so we can be better, together.

The week aims to raise awareness of the different forms of abuse and the part that everyone can play in helping to spot abuse.  Often those suffering abuse or neglect do not realise or want to admit that they are a victim and so it is crucial that the awareness of these issues is raised so that people can be safeguarded appropriately.


Pop along to find out about the work of the East Riding Safeguarding Adults Board, pick up a leaflet or discuss different types of abuse.


For 2019 Safeguarding Adults week, the East Riding Safeguarding Adults Board intend to be visible in various locations across East Riding. 

Date and time






(See times below)



12 - 2pm



10am– 1pm







Leisure Centre


Leisure Centre

11am – 2pm


Pocklington Market Place (Healthwatch)

10am – 4pm

The Point, ERYC County Hall


(Not open to the Public)


Withernsea Leisure Centre



Leisure Centre

Information will be displayed throughout the day

 and dedicated staff will be available between the times shown

 Find out how you can get involved at www.anncrafttrust.org/events or #SafeguardingAdultsWeek

or email: catherine.law@eastriding.gov.uk  Tel: (01482) 392091

You can find out more information about the different types of abuse and the work of the Safeguarding Adults Board by visiting their website at http://www.ersab.org.uk.

If you are concerned about someone in your community - you must tell someone. The Safeguarding Adults Team (SAT) who are part of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council are responsible for responding to concerns raised by a member of the public, a professional or an individual themselves; should abuse or neglect to a vulnerable adult occur, or be suspected.

If you become aware of, or suspect, that a vulnerable adult is being abused or neglected, you must tell someone.

Safeguarding Adults is everybody’s business!

You can do this by calling the East Riding Safeguarding Adults Team on:

Tel: 01482 396940

They also have a secure email address which is:

Email: safeguardingadultsteam@eastriding.gov.uk

For general advice about care and support services please customer services on

Tel: 01482 393939

Email: customerservices@eastriding.gov.uk

Finally, if you are concerned that someone is in immediate danger of being harmed, please call 999



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