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Healthwatch wants real change within Health and Social Care services and to achieve this we need someone like you!

By volunteering with us you are supporting your local community and local services. You are ensuring the views and experiences,of those within the community, your family and friends are heard.

What is a Healthwatch volunteer?

Healthwatch volunteers are involved in the delivery of Healthwatch activities across the East Riding of Yorkshire area and focus on speaking to local people about their experiences of health and social care services.

Through these activities, Healthwatch volunteers enable us to understand local need. With this information, we highlight best practice and areas of improvement and work with those who run and commission local services to deliver real change.

We are passionate about supporting people to volunteer with us however and as often as they would like. Although you may apply for a single role with Healthwatch, we welcome for volunteers to try new and various activities with us, full training and support is provided to ensure no matter where they are starting from, each of our volunteers have the skills and confidence needed to champion their role.

How can you get involved?

We are currently recruiting for volunteers in the following areas:

Community Engagement

Community Engagement Volunteers are vital to our mission,as they are the face of Healthwatch,and will actively promote our organisation within the community. They will reach out and engage with the community on their own terms, making sure to listen to their experiences,and build their confidence by ensuring that their voices are heard.

Enter and View Ambassador

Enter and View Ambassadors enter Health and Social Care premises either through invitation of the provider, because of themed work Healthwatch is conducting or due to the experiences provided to us by service users. An Enter and View is not an inspection, it is an opportunity for Healthwatch as an independent organisation to view the delivery of the service first-hand and to engage with service users, family of and / or carers at the point of delivery so we can understand the full picture. their confidence by ensuring that their voices are heard.

Read Right Volunteer

Read Right Volunteers provide a robust service to the community as they review a range of documentation from ourselves and other providers to critique and provide feedback from a layperson’s perspective. They ensure that the documentation the community has access to does not contain anything that is difficult to comprehend or easy to misunderstand.

Read Right Volunteers are also essential in allowing Healthwatch to scan and reference a wide range of information to use as evidence towards any themed work or research that we are conducting.

Interested to find out more?

If you have any further queries,or need any assistance in completing an application form, please contact us.