Why Volunteer?

Healthwatch wants real change within Health and Social Care services, by volunteering with us you are supporting your local community and local services. You are ensuring the views and experiences,of those within the community, your family and friends are heard. You can also observe services directly to report back any good practices,or areas of improvement. All of this information is used to work with service providers to ensure a better service for all.
We need people like you,who understands your community,and who are passionate about having the best local Health and Social Care services. We need people to become the voice of their family and friends,and enhance the service we provide by volunteering with us,to make real change in local Health and Social Care services.

What volunteering opportunities are available?

There are a number of ways in which you can get involved with Healthwatch,and we want to enable you to volunteer with us however you want to. There is no commitment to any of our volunteering roles, you are not tied to any singular role and you can volunteer as and when you want. Please click on the roles below to find out more:

 Healthwatch Administrator
Healthwatch Administrators support our mission,by ensuring that accurate data entry is recorded, such as feedback from engagement events,and through our surveys. They will ensure to keep the information we have available updated,so we are able to maintain a high-quality service,and provide the correct advice to the individuals,who access our support at the first point of contact.
 Community Champion
Community Champions are crucial in our ability,to lay the framework to developing strong relationships,within the community. Community Champions are active members in their community,and will seek out opportunities,to engage with other local and seldom groups, they will be the face of Healthwatch to these groups,and build their confidence in us, encouraging them to support our mission,and promote our service to members of their community.
 Community Engagement Volunteer
Community Engagement Volunteers are vital to our mission,as they are the face of Healthwatch,and will actively promote our organisation within the community. They will reach out and engage with the community,on their own terms, making sure to listen to their experiences,and build their confidence by ensuring that their voices are heard.
 Enter and View Ambassador
Enter and View Ambassadors enter Health and Social Care premises,either through invitation of the provider, because of themed work Healthwatch is conducting,or due to the experiences provided to us by service users.
An Enter and View is not an inspection, it is an opportunity for Healthwatch as an independent organisation,to view the delivery of the service first-hand,and to engage with service users, family of and – or carers,at the point of delivery so we can understand the full picture.
 Independent Strategic Advisory Body (ISAB)
The ISAB overviews and supports the work and activities of the Healthwatch team,by using each member’s expertise and experience,to refine the direction of our approach,and ensure performance meets targets set. The ISAB will set, implement and monitor strategic objectives and core values of Healthwatch, build and maintain good relationships with stakeholders,and promote Healthwatch across their network.
 Mystery Shopper
Healthwatch aims to ensure everyone has access the same type of information, advice and guidance whenever they need it,from different Health and Social Care services.
Mystery Shoppers are important to Healthwatch,as they will be assessing the amount of information available,and the level of service provided in Health and Social Care settings,by asking for a range of information and how to be signposted to other agencies.
 Read Right Volunteer
Healthwatch aims to ensure that the information given to the community from organisations,within Health and Social Care are easy to read and understand.
Read Right Volunteers are crucial in achieving this. They provide a robust service to the community,as they review a range of documentation from ourselves and other providers,to critique and provide feedback from a layperson’s perspective. They ensure that the documentation the community has access to,does not contain anything that is difficult to comprehend,or easy to misunderstand.
Read Right Volunteers are also essential,in allowing Healthwatch to scan and reference a wide range of information,to use as evidence towards any themed work or research that we are conducting.
 Sector Champion
Healthwatch Sector Champions are representatives of Voluntary Community Support (VCS) organisations, education establishments and private industry. They support Healthwatch by using their expertise,and influence to build connections between Healthwatch, their organisations and clients. They will promote Healthwatch within their organisation,and encourage their clients to become involved with Healthwatch, advertising the activities of Healthwatch and the work that we do.
 Volunteer Support Mentor
Healthwatch Volunteer Support Mentors are representatives of seldom heard groups,and support Healthwatch by using their experience and influence,to build confidence within these groups. They will act as a mentor, assist and encourage the others to become involved in Healthwatch, empowering them to share their experiences, promote the activities of Healthwatch,and get involved in the work that we do.

Please click here to download an application form. Alternatively, you can complete an online volunteering application form here
If you have any further queries,or need any assistance in completing an application form, please contact Caroline Frost by email: cfrost@healthwatcheastridingofyorkshire.co.uk