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Healthwatch Community Partnership

In each town and village we are asking existing and new local community groups to sign up to become part of the Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire community to help give feedback about local health and social care services. We feel this will enable you to get your voice heard much quicker and straight to the heart of the people that need to hear it.

This format is much more informal and we hope will enable people to feel more comfortable with sharing their experiences, it also helps us reach many more people.

What is the Healthwatch Community Partnership?

One of the Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire priorities is to make sure that the voice of the local community is heard. We would like to do this is by becoming more responsive to community groups and their needs. The Community Partnership allows us to build strong relationships with community groups and in return help those groups have a voice and help shape local services.

Why join the Healthwatch Community Partnership?

Healthwatch want to help community groups find their voice and have a say on how Health and Social Care is delivered in the East Riding. By joining our Community Partnership and becoming an affiliate your community group can help Healthwatch East Riding put the public’s view first. Your organisation will also have the opportunity to access the following:

  • Benefits to Your Community Group
  • Access to training opportunities
  • Invite to attend our Stakeholder forum
  • Networking with other Community Groups and Health Organisations
  • Promotion and Publicity
  • Involvement in planning Healthwatch research
  • Opportunity to volunteer with Healthwatch East Riding
  • Access to Information

How do you join the Healthwatch Community Partnership?

To register your interest in joining the Healthwatch Community Partnership, please complete the following form. Upon receipt, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss next registration steps.

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Existing Healthwatch Community Partners

Please find a list of existing Healthwatch Community Members below:

Healthwatch Community Members