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Are you passionate about ensuring people receive the best health and social care?

Come join Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire!

About us

Healthwatch was established as a statutory service independent from the NHS and social care services, but with the purpose of being the consumer champion for local health and social care provision. Healthwatch has a wide remit and has a number of legal powers to help ensure that patient and public voice is at the heart of how health and care services are designed and delivered.

Each Local Authority area in England has its own Healthwatch service, and Hull CVS and its subsidiary arm, MNH, holds the contract for Healthwatch Kingston upon Hull, as well as all other Healthwatch in the Humber region.

What we look for

Everyday Healthwatch speaks to people in local communities who are just like you, your family and your friends; and often about very personal experiences.

That’s why when we’re looking for new people to join our team, our core focus isn’t about experience or qualifications, it’s about who you are.

It is important to us that whoever represents Healthwatch, whether they are a staff member or a volunteer, that their values and passion are in line with our own. For Healthwatch to succeed in our mission, we need people who care about their community and about getting the best from health and social care services, who are willing to be the voice of their people they speak to and help raise the real issues within our local communities.

We understand that life provides different opportunities for everyone and recognise that sometimes the difference between someone who is good and who is great at what they do is lived experience.

With that in mind, we would encourage anyone who is interested in making a difference, listening to and helping others to view the roles we have to offer and to apply!

What will you do

A normal week for Healthwatch involves attending local events and speaking to a diverse range of people, visiting health and social care services to capture the views and experiences of those present and working with local service providers and commissioners to help them understand what’s working well and what could be improved.

We also plan and deliver focused projects and activities to help identify and remedy specific issues within services or experienced within particular communities. 

As an organisation it is important to us that each member of our team receives a robust training and support package so they are not only equipped with the knowledge but also the confidence to make the most of their role within Healthwatch.

We also encourage our team to undertake opportunities to develop new and current skills by being involved in each element of the work we do; which could include data entry into our internal systems, leading on projects and events specific to your area of focus, providing updates of our work via social media and assisting to produce reports which details everything we do to help improve local services.

What is it like working at Healthwatch?

Working for Healthwatch is simply one of the highlights of my career. During my time with the organisation, I worked alongside people who like me, was passionate about supporting others to get the quality of care deserved from local health and social care services.

Whether I was in the office or out in the community, my actions had purpose and every conversation mattered as I was always helping to make a difference to somebody somewhere and supporting the aim of Healthwatch.

Having worked in a range of environments, Healthwatch is definitely at the top for being one of the friendliest and opportunistic environments I’ve been in. 

Whether it was someone in my team or elsewhere across the organisation, there was never anyone I came across that wasn’t happy to help. I was always encouraged to bring new engagement and project ideas to the table and able to champion my area of work in my own way. 

Ultimately, I wouldn’t be where I am today without Healthwatch, and I would always advocate that if you’re looking to do something that truly matters and a role where you really get out everything of what you put into it, to go work for Healthwatch.

What roles are we recruiting for?

At the moment we are not recruiting for any new members to join our team. However, when a vacancy is available, you will find details about the role below.