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Help Improve Services for the Deaf

Healthwatch have been approached by members of the Deaf community raising a number of issues they are having accessing GP services.
In order to investigate the barriers those with a hearing impairment are facing when accessing GP services, our project will look at issues experienced both prior to and during the pandemic to identify needs and improvements moving forward.

More specifically, we will consider how hearing-impaired individuals access appointments; any issues experienced with new systems brought in through the past year (i.e. telephone/on-line consultations); access to other methods of communications; and availability of interpreters.

We will also look at findings from other Healthwatch areas, to identify if there are any commonalities nationally to help to recommend what mechanisms can be established in response to help alleviate these issues.

Why it’s important to get involved and the benefits of taking part

At Healthwatch, people’s views come first. We are independent and committed to voicing your opinions. We can then share these views with those who have the power to make change happen.

Taking part in this survey is an important opportunity for you to play a part in shaping the Deaf Community’s future. As well as showing the strengths of the regions services which we can share and celebrate, the survey will help us get a feel of what the most important issues and barriers are to those with a hearing impairment.

Understanding your experiences is critical to identifying how services could be more effective and help ensure all members of the community have equal and fair access to health and social care.

Without this, we can’t be sure that we have accurately identified the right issues to focus on.

How you can get involved

You can complete our survey online by the following link:

You can also contact us via Social Media, email and by telephone:

01482 665684